Investing in What You Know Has Changed

Today on The MarketBeat Podcast, host Kate Stalter chats with Mike Davis, founding partner of Olive Tree Ridge, a multi-strategy asset management firm. Prior to that, Mike was a successful technology serial entrepreneur, having started more than 13 startups. He brings that varied perspective to our market discussion today, sharing what investors can learn from studying the past, as well as offering some ideas about asset classes with future potential.
-Why Mike believes investors would benefit from “reviewing the tape” and learning from the market and economic history
-How did various economies in the past weather periods of high inflation?
-Why conditions in even smaller economies like Ukraine affect the global marketplace
-How Mike’s experience as an immigrant influences his view of getting through periods of high inflation
-How to view asset classes in terms of your time horizon, risk appetite and your own understanding of various instruments
-Why Mike recommends dollar-cost-averaging names that you know
-Why Mike’s version of “buy what you know” may be different from the traditional way you’ve heard that advice
-Why Mike owned three stocks for years, and continued investing because he understood the businesses and had conviction in their potential
-How to understand how to navigate the complexities of any given trade, based on your view of markets
-Why commodities, such as energy and grains, will continue to be in demand, regardless of technological developments
-Why does Mike see potential in the housing sector, given the challenges right now?
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