Ingenious Dancers Stun Judges to Make Finals of America’s Got Talent – WATCH

America’s Got Talent / YouTube

A all-female Lebanese dance troupe promised to hypnotize the judges on America’s Got Talent: a bold call before performing for someone as notoriously spikey as Simon Cowell.

The “Mayyas” lined up in single file after answering some questions, before proceeding to do just that; wowing the judges and winning a Golden Buzzer from Sophia Vergara.

“It was the most creative dance I’ve ever seen,” the latter said when it was all over.

The Mayyas, which means “proud walk of the lioness” in Arabic, carried out what was essentially a giant illusion with their synchronized movements.

“Seeing the Mayyas in America’s Got Talent is the most beautiful feeling I’ve ever felt,” Nadim Cherfam, founder of the Mayyas, says in a video. “Lebanon is not considered a place where you can build a career out of dancing. It’s hard. Really hard. [And] it’s harder for women.”

Winning the Golden Buzzer means the Mayyas are placed in the Live rounds of the show, and have a chance at making the finals.

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