Inflation Is Coming for Baseball, Too

Inflation seems to have hit every aspect of our lives, from grocery stores to cars to even our favorite retailers.

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Tickets for events have not been spared either, and now it looks like one of America’s favorite pastimes is also feeling the effect of soaring prices.

A new study by The Hustle found that the average cost for a family of four to attend an MLB game is now a whopping $204.76.

The study assumes the cost as four tickets, two beers, two sodas, four hot dogs, and parking.

Per the report, the highest price was attending a Red Sox game in Boston — a family outing at Fenway Park averaged $324. The most affordable baseball game was the Arizona Diamondbacks, which came in at $126.

At Chase Field in Phoenix, where the Diamondbacks play, the average ticket price was $35.93 while the average price for a beer was $6.87. (At a New York Mets game in Queens, a beer will cost you nearly double that at $12.)

The study brought in mixed reviews on Twitter, with responders arguing about whether or not the prices were exorbitant.

“Here’s an idea, don’t jack up the prices of everything at a stadium and then cry about the death of the sport when people stop going,” one user wrote.

“No one is forcing the family to buy beer, hot dogs, and soda. Don’t want to pay concession prices, eat before you go,” another pointed out. “I’ll never have sympathy for people who complain about concession prices.”

And though nothing can beat the excitement of watching a game live, it seems like fans may be at their breaking point.

A recent study from found that 69% of Americans have not gone to a baseball game this year and that 71% said they will not attend due to inflation.

The same survey found that the New York Yankees had the most expensive game experience and the Boston Red Sox have the most expensive overall game experience.

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