‘I can’t watch someone in pain’

Lenie Ford was in the worst pain of her life when she arrived at her local pharmacy, but was unable to purchase her prescribed medication. Luckily, a kind-hearted employee was working at the cash register.

“I was in literally thee worst pain. I could not form a thought,” Lenie from Santa Barbara told GNN. “Even having a baby hurt less.”

It was June 4 when she reached the CVS pharmacy at 3939 State Street and discovered she didn’t have the “piece of paper from the emergency room” telling her she was temporarily covered for the medication to treat her tooth infection.

“I only had about 4 bucks on me. I simply broke down, and cried.”

“This incredibly warm pharmacist saw my agony just engulfing me. That’s when I heard her say, softly, with much kindness, ‘l’ll cover it.’”

Pharmacy technician Verena Harris then reached over the counter and swiped her own personal credit card, and paid in full for the antibiotics.

Lenie was beyond grateful: “I can say with great humble thanks how much I truly appreciated the kind, very generous offer from this perfect stranger.”

Verena Harris – copyright GNN

We asked Ms. Harris, who’s worked at the pharmacy for 12 years, whether she had done this sort of thing before. She looked around the room with a wise, knowing look, and nodded her head. “Yea.”

“Some people just need help,” she said. “I can’t watch someone in pain like that.”

We wanted to reimburse Verena for Lenie’s prescription—which she said was about $15 or $20—yet she adamantly refused. “Absolutely not.” She repeated it twice.

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