HyperX announces its new Armada gaming monitor lineup

HyperX is expanding into monitors with the announcement of two models designed for gamers who want a minimalist desk setup. The most unique thing about these monitors is that they each include a desk mount and versatile monitor arm, which let you customize exactly how you want to arrange the display on your desk. (Not to mention, the lack of a traditional stand means you won’t lose much desk space.) You can orient the monitor horizontally or twist it 90 degrees for a taller view.

The 25-inch 1080p Armada 25 and the 27-inch QHD Armada 27 coming in September aren’t far apart in price, costing $449 and $499, respectively. Both seem like a great deal considering they include monitor arms, which typically sell for around $100 or more. Apart from size and resolution, there also aren’t too many spec differences between the two. Both have matte-textured IPS panels with slim bezels and are supposed to be able to reach 400 nits of peak brightness. They both have 1ms response times as well as Nvidia G-Sync compatibility to handle adaptive sync with Nvidia GPUs. Their ports are identical, too, comprised of one DisplayPort 1.4 and two HDMI 2.0 ports. (HyperX includes HDMI and DisplayPort cables, which Sony couldn’t bring itself to do for its $899 InZone M9.)

As for how they differ, the Armada 25 sports a faster 240Hz refresh rate compared to the Armada 27’s 165Hz rate. The Armada 27 features VESA Display HDR 400, meaning that HyperX claims it can achieve a peak of 400 nits for HDR content, which isn’t very bright (HyperX confirmed that the Armada 25 doesn’t support Display HDR 400). Both monitors claim to have decent color accuracy for the price, though each centers in on a different color gamut. The Armada 25 claims to support 95 percent of the sRGB color gamut, while the Armada 27 claims to have 95 percent coverage of the DCI P3 gamut.

HyperX Armada monitor arm

Each Armada monitor comes with a desk mount and arm, though these components can be purchased separately.
Image: HyperX

Notably, HyperX is making the monitor mounts available for purchase separately, and they have a VESA mounting plate with four screws. The Armada Single Gaming Mount (as shown attached to the monitor in the photo above), which comes with each of the new monitors, costs $109.99 by itself. If you already have the single mount but want to add more monitors to your setup, you’ll need the Armada Addon Gaming Mount, which costs $79.99. HyperX says up to four 25-inch monitors can be installed via these add-on parts on a Single Gaming Mount or up to two 27-inch monitors.

It’s cool to see that HyperX’s debut gaming monitors aren’t just also-rans in terms of value. (Ironically, they’re much more interesting than what I’ve seen come out so far from HP, its parent company.) While the panel technology may be nothing new, the inclusion of monitor arms and mounts with each model gives the company an advantage that most other companies making similar monitors can’t match.

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