How to Use Crystals for Good Luck, Wealth, and Positive Energy

Crystals have an undeniable allure. They’re beautiful to look at, of course, but also come packed with potent energy forces that can literally change your life. In fact, good luck crystals literally attract good luck, bringing all the good stuff like love, prosperity, professional and personal success, positivity, health, and happiness your way. 

For many people, using crystals in their lives is a daily practice. They carefully choose and then care for certain crystals that help them make sense of their lives, make decisions, let go of what doesn’t serve them, and seek out what is missing. Crystals can help you heal, help you cope, and help you reach your dreams—and even help you understand what your true desires are.

With a little guidance and practice, you can bring crystals into your life that will aid you in shedding the negative and attracting in abundance all the good stuff your life might be missing. In this comprehensive guide, learn how to identify and use crystals for good luck, wealth, and positive energy. 

There are crystals that are prized for bringing all sorts of things into a person’s life, from happiness and love to emotional healing and physical recovery to creativity and forgiveness to optimism and good luck. While many crystals can work for a variety of aims, here, we’re focusing on crystals that are especially good for cultivating good luck, wealth, and positivity. 

Let’s first take a look at what makes crystals for luck special (and effective) in the first place.

What Makes Crystals Work?

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Crystals work in mysterious ways. Tons of people swear by the magic of using these good luck charms in their life to bring prosperity, passion, and positivity their way. Healing properties in the crystals are thought to help people let go of hurts and manifest optimism. And while science can’t exactly explain it or prove that the power crystals emit is “real” and effective, anecdotal evidence points to something wondrous happening when people bring crystals into their lives. 

Plus, while research is unclear on exactly how they work on humans or what function they have, crystals are proven to release unique vibrations. It is through these vibrations or energies that crystals work their “magic.”

What are good luck crystals?

From the beginning of time, humans have been drawn to crystals. Knowingly or not, people respond to the vibrations crystals transmit. These good luck stones foster good fortune, positive energy, protection, creativity, and rejuvenation.

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They also are known to banish bad luck, heartbreak, anxiety, fear, and sadness. They have been used for millennia by healers, in medicines, as ceremonial and religious objects, for ornamentation, and as charms or talismans to bring on good luck, wealth, and positive energy.

What makes some crystals lucky?

Clearly, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how luck works. But certain crystals have been touted for centuries as bringing luck to those in their vicinity, especially those that touch and work with the crystals. It is thought that the special vibrations these stones emit offer protection from bad luck and act as a beacon for bringing positive energy, prosperity, and good fortune into your life.

Over time, people began to notice that those who communed with these certain crystals tended to have better luck than those that did not. There isn’t science available to prove or explain this. However, cultural belief and tradition, as well as anecdotal evidence and faith, have worked to sustain this popular practice of relying on crystals for good luck.

Can Crystals Really Bring Luck?

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If you ask those that use crystals for good luck whether they work, you’ll likely get a resounding “Yes!” And while others may poo-poo the idea that crystals can have a strong enough impact to influence a person’s luck, that might not really matter. 

Luck may be pure chance or we may have a way to draw it to us. Either way, what is more important is to ask yourself if you think crystals might work for you. If you believe that crystals could help bring good luck your way, who is to say they won’t.

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Maybe they’ll help you seize upon the opportunities all around you. And faith in crystals combined with the positive vibes crystals embody may be just the magic you need to call optimism, prosperity, and good fortune into your life.

Crystals might be literally influencing what happens in your life or they may be helping to create a personal mindset that is open to the luck that’s right there for the taking. Or both. Maybe getting lucky is all about if you think good luck is in your future. Maybe that positive feeling provides the motivation and energy you need to go after your dreams. Crystals can help you get to that way of thinking, to help you let go of negativity and other blockages that are keeping you from achieving your life goals and finding the happiness and personal success you deserve.

Types of Good Luck Crystals

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There are many different types of crystals for good luck. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are translucent, some are opaque. 

Some work to dispel negative energy and heal hurts that could be preventing you from living your best life. Others focus more on attracting good luck and positive energy. 

Some crystals work on a specific area of life, from love and romance to professional or personal success or enhancing business relationships. 

Essentially, the luckiest stones enhance your ability to find luck and protect you from negativity. They can also help you to set your intentions, reach your goals, clear your mind, and open your heart to new possibilities.

The Best Crystals for Good Luck

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While many different crystals can herald in good luck, there are some that are extra effective at channeling good vibes. Here’s our list of the best good luck crystals to try.


This gorgeous, tranquil pale purple stone is far more than just beautiful and calming. It is also known to summon good luck of all kinds. Regal and powerful, yet gentle and mysterious, amethyst can work wonders for your spirit and mind. The darker the purple, the more potent its ability to draw in good fortune. However, don’t discount the lighter stones as even pale purple amethysts can attract positivity and luck, often just in more subtle forms.


Stunning clear yellow makes topaz sparkle. This crystal is often referred to as “the lover of gold,” so it makes sense that topaz is especially attuned to bringing wealth your way. Topaz is also effective at calming and balancing the mind, easing worry, and helping you recharge. It will also help you let go of negativity so that your positive energy can really flow.


This somber, deep red stone speaks volumes if you are brave enough to listen. If so, you’ll be serenaded by vibrations that will send you toward success, luck, and joy.

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Garnet will aid you in finding both personal and professional achievement, as well as push you to make time for joy and optimism along the way.

Clear quartz

Colorless but enchanting, this ice-like good luck crystal magnifies luck, positivity, tenacity, and dreams. This ultimate lucky charm helps you realize your goals and intentions, bringing good fortune of all types your way, while also clearing out any negative energies that may block your path. 

Smoky quartz

Like smoky clouds frozen in glass, this enchanting luck stone attracts power, luck, and balance. Known as an especially powerful crystal, smoky quartz helps clear away the clutter in your brain and repels the negative energies blocking your progress. It helps guide you toward choices that honor and fulfill your intentions and goals—and is a powerful attractor of good luck.

Green Aventurine

This smoky green stone is tinged with brown and white, giving it a verdant, forest spirit. It is known to lure in success, adventure, good fortune, and wealth. Often called “gambler’s gold,” this lucky crystal is what you need in your pocket when you take risks and go after your dreams. It is also effective as a stabilizer and will help ground your intentions and keep your mental state in balance.

Red jade

This richly red stone promotes boldness, well-being, and powerful thinking. With red jade at your side, you’ll keep your mind and spirit balanced as you harness your most innovative and gutsy energy. Red jade encourages you to believe in yourself, take risks, and go for your dreams.


Bright yellow orange and shiny like the sun, this cheerful, lucky crystal is also known as “the lucky merchant’s stone” and “the merchant’s stone of wealth.” It is known to enhance success and wealth and can help you reach your financial and professional goals. Its joyful vibrations will also boost your mood, cleanse your spirit, and just pull luck, happiness, positivity, and success your way.

Green jade

This lovely green stone is known to be a beckon for increasing your business success, accumulating wealth, and harnessing good luck. Green jade sharpens your decision-making, organizational, and multi-tasking skills while also boosting your confidence, patience, and charisma. This lucky crystal also helps prevent rash, unwise choices and other costly mistakes and sets you up to build your very own fortune.

Tiger’s eye

This gorgeous lucky stone combines bands of gold and black and gets its name from its visual similarity to the eye of a tiger. But it’s not just its look that pays homage to that stunning, powerful striped jungle cat. This good luck stone also embodies the vitality, spirit, and fortitude of a tiger as well—and the wisdom of this majestic creature, too. The tiger’s eye will help you see your talents, shape your goals, pounce on your future, and lead you on the path to success. 


This enchanting, almost glowing red crystal is as beautiful as it is powerful. It’s vivid, vital red hue mirrors the potent boost it will give to your confidence, charisma, creativity, and chutzpah. This stone won’t disappoint as it pushes you to fulfill your potential, giving you tons of luck and positive energy along the way to nourish your heart and soul as you go after your dreams.


This pearly white stone is a master at bringing good luck into your life. Selenite fosters calm, healing, clarity, tranquility, and confidence. This peaceful stone for luck helps you shed your fears and obstacles so that you can receive the positive energy and good fortune that’s all around you.


This pale yellow green crystal is often called “the money stone.” So, it’s no surprise that if growing your wealth is your passion that peridot is the crystal for you.

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This stone helps to rid you of mental blocks and unhealthy obsessions, letting you focus instead on the objectives that will lead you to the greatest success—and biggest paycheck.


Another achingly beautiful green stone, this luck stone is ripe with wisdom, passion, bravery, and truth. Using this crystal, with its rich stripes in a rainbow of green, you’ll find confidence, resilience, and more luck that you’ll ever need. Harnessing the power of nature, particularly of the woods, this heart chakra crystal trades in the verdant energy of rebirth, fertility, and life itself.


Fluorite comes in a variety of shades from purple to green. And like a rainbow, it can work wonders on your spirit, giving you hope in dark times, cheering your heart and filling your life with abundance and joy.

Rose quartz

This simple pink stone almost looks like a hunk of candy. But don’t let its delicate, sweet appearance fool you. Rose quartz packs a big punch, drawing good fortune of every kind (from love to money) your way. This powerful crystal also does wonders for your self-confidence, self-advocacy, and self-belief. So, if you want your good luck to extend from romance to your career, rose quartz is a great choice.

How to select crystals for luck

Read through the descriptions above and pick the ones that best align with your goals. Note that it’s often advised to select multiple crystals to use to achieve your goals. The more crystals you work with, the more good luck and healing vibrations will be available to help you reach your dreams and live the life you truly want.

Another important point is to listen to your instincts when you choose your crystals for luck. If you listen to your inner spirit, you’ll likely be guided right to the exact crystals that you need most. And that will work the best for you.

Tips for Using Crystals for Good Luck

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One of the great things about using crystals for good luck is that they start working right away. And really, all you need to do to harness their power is to simply put them in your environment. Touching them, holding them close (such as in a pocket), and wearing them as a part of your jewelry or clothing helps to enhance their power to attract good luck, positive vibes, and wealth into your life.

Keeping your crystals clean and well charged also is key to getting the most out of using them. To do so, you can rinse or soak them in salt water, from the ocean or simply add sea salt to water. You can also submerge them in a bowl of salt, bury them in dirt, let them sit under moonlight, or cleanse them with the smoke from incense. 

Another important component to using crystals is to open your heart and mind to their magic. Your belief in their effectiveness and connection to bringing luck, positivity, and abundance into your life is part of what makes them work.

Holding your crystals in your hands, running them over your body, setting them on your chakras, meditating with them, and arranging them in an altar are other ways to use your crystals that will help you harness their awesome power—and connect to the potent power within you.

Key takeaways

If you’re looking to cultivate good fortune, using crystals as your lucky charm may make the difference. Incorporating lucky stones into your life can draw in more good fortune, positive energy, personal success, and wealth than you’ve ever imagined possible. The best part is that all you need to do is to get some crystals for good luck, set your intentions, and soon you’ll be attracting good luck and positive vibes in abundance.


Crystals for Love: Understand How to Use Them, Their Meanings and Impact

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