How to Get a Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut Every Day Until Labor Day

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If you’ve ever driven past a Krispy Kreme shop, noticed that their iconic “Hot Doughnuts Now” sign is on, and been tempted to stop in for a warm and tasty piece of sugary fried dough, you now have the perfect excuse. The chain is offering a summer promotion that could yield many (many) free glazed doughnuts. Here’s what to know.

How to get a free doughnut every day through Labor Day

From now through Labor Day (Monday, September 5th), you can score one free Original Glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut each day by going into the store when the neon sign—officially known as the “Hot Light”—is turned on.

No other purchase is necessary to snag the freebie, but you do actually have to come into the shop—the drive-thru doesn’t count. It also isn’t valid for online or delivery orders, or at grocery or convenience stores. Customers are limited to one free doughnut per day. You also can’t combine the promotion with other offers or coupons.

How to know when the Krispy Kreme Hot Light is on

When the Hot Light is on, it means that Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnuts are fresh out of the oven, and rolling off the glazer. The tricky part is that the Hot Light doesn’t have set hours across the country: They vary by shop. (You can find the location nearest you on the company’s website.)

A 2019 Reader’s Digest investigation discovered that Krispy Kreme shops make glazed doughnuts (and, in turn, switch on the Hot Light) twice a day: Once in the early to mid-morning, and again sometime between early evening and closing time.

The easiest way to find out when the Hot Light is on is by downloading the Krispy Kreme app. Once that’s done, tap Find a Shop” for a list of shops near you, then tap the small dropdown labeled Show Hours.” That will let you know when the Hot Light will be illuminated in that location. You can take that one step further, and receive notifications when your favorite shop turns on the light.

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