How Solar Batteries Give Peace Of Mind During Blackouts

As an alternative to traditional sources of electricity, solar energy has proven itself to be far more reliable and eco-friendly, giving home and business owners a more efficient and sustainable way to meet all of their energy needs. But have you ever wondered what happens when a solar system has been installed and there’s a blackout?

If you’re considering joining the millions of home and business owners who have invested in a cleaner, greener source of power such as solar, you might well be interested to know whether you’ll get energy that you can use, all of the time, even when the power is out. 

To answer this in full, it’s necessary to consider the two most common types of solar systems: grid-tied and hybrid.

Let’s take a closer look:

Grid-tied solar systems

When opting for a grid-tied solar system, panels are connected to the local electrical grid. When operating as normal, the panels provide electricity to be used within the property, but if the system produces more energy than is being used, it gets sent back to the grid in exchange for compensation or credits via a net metering program.   

When the power is out, however, solar systems that are tied to the grid are designed to cease functioning automatically, so that electricity isn’t fed back into the grid while it’s being repaired. 

So, during a power blackout, your property won’t have any power if your solar system is tied to the grid. 

Hybrid solar systems

To help combat issues that arise from blackouts, some home and business owners choose to have a hybrid solar system installed, which combine energy storage solutions such as batteries, with solar panels. It’s possible to store all of the energy produced by a solar panel in a battery, which can then be used to provide a property with power during blackouts. 

If you live in a region that’s often subject to outages of power, a hybrid system can be the perfect solution for continual energy. 

The advantages of hybrid solar systems

If you suffer from frequent or extended (or both) power outages, you’ll know how frustrating and disruptive this can be, particularly if you run a business, or even a busy household! Opting for a solar system with battery can offer you the following benefits:

  • A continuous supply of power

By storing excess energy that your solar panels have generated, solar batteries give you a constant supply of electricity that seamlessly transitions as soon as there is a power outage. 

  • Energy independence

Giving you the opportunity to be less dependent on the grid in the event of a blackout, solar batteries provide you with energy independence. 

  • Peak demand management

When demand for electricity is high, such as on a very hot day or in the evenings, the energy stored in your solar battery can be used instead of placing an additional strain on the local grid. 

  • Reduced energy bills

Stored energy used at peak times can help reduce your consumption of power from the grid, hence lowering your energy bills. 

  • Reduced carbon footprint

By using solar energy stored in the battery of your hybrid system, you can reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, and contribute towards a reduced carbon footprint. 

Could you benefit from a solar battery?

Although there are a number of distinct advantages of opting for a hybrid solar system with battery backup, it’s important to consider cost, and your energy needs. Battery backup is a significant investment, so you’ll need to weigh up the additional cost against the advantages of a consistent supply of green energy. But, a hybrid system may be essential if your building needs a constant supply of electricity, such as to power security systems or keep medical equipment and supplies refrigerated. 

So, while the answer to the question of whether you could benefit from a solar system with battery backup is a resounding ‘yes,,’ – and you will almost certainly gain peace of mind during blackouts – you’ll still need to carefully consider your energy needs and budget before opting for a hybrid system.

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