High School Football Players Escort Kids Without Dads During ‘Father’s Walk’

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Sportsmanship is about more than just athletic prowess. In fact, it is all about the fair and generous treatment of others, including your teammates, rivals, and communities. You often see sports teams helping out during many neighborhood activities, bringing the utmost team spirit on and off the field.

Team spirit is what the Rangers football team from Lakewood High School in Ohio brought to an elementary school walk.

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Tom Thome, who coaches football at Ohio’s Lakewood High School, makes it a point to always act as a positive role model for the kids on his teams. Not only that, but he encourages his students to act as role models for those around them.

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When Thome found out that the school district was organizing an annual ‘Father’s Walk,’ where kids have their fathers walk them into school. However, he realized that there was a problem in their school district, and he looked to his football team to fix it. 

Thome overheard his football players discussing how they had to get home early from practice to babysit their younger siblings while their parents worked. He also understood that many of the children in the district came from single-parent homes, meaning that many young children would have nobody to walk them into school during the Father’s Walk.

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Thome decided that he would task his student athletes with filling in some of the parental role gaps that existed in their community. On the day of the Father’s Walk, members of his team were at every elementary school in the city ready to walk the fatherless children into class. 

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Coach Thome’s love for his community shows in everything he does, and he makes sure that he passes his values to everyone he comes into contact with. He is grateful for the opportunity to give back to those who support the team, the school, and the kids he loves.


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