FOX5 Surprises Selfless Single Dad and Showers Him With Gifts

Harley Harlington has many titles. He is a former marine, a single dad, and a survivor. He’s a loving father and grandfather that worked hard for his family even though he had health issues.

With all the obstacles Harley successfully overcame in his life, it was time for him to be rewarded.

The Amazing Surprise That Left a Single Dad Speechless

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So, his daughter, Robbin, and granddaughter, Kirsten, contacted FOX5’s Surprise Squad in the hopes of surprising Harley and making him feel appreciated.

He’s been working all his life. He’s an ex-marine. He’s had a kidney transplant, and it took him forever to get that and he’s still going strong.

Kirsten to FOX5

Monica Jackson reached out to Kirsten and they made their way to Harley’s home.

They presented him with a bouquet of flowers and after a short interview, Harley revealed he had a kidney transplant which added 25 to 30 years to his life.

“As well as running a business, at one time I had four jobs. You know, just so I could put food on the table, presents under the Christmas tree.” he shared.

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Harley did a lot of driving, picking up and dropping Kirsten off at work. But his vehicle’s air conditioning and heater had stopped working. That’s why Jackson introduced Jose Gutierrez from Sudden Impact Auto Body, who offered to fix the van’s air conditioning and heater.

How a Single Dad Proved the Importance of Selflessness

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Then the group handed Harley a red box, which contained $1,500. That is when he broke down in tears and Jackson and Kirsten started crying too.

“Utterly speechless. I’ve never had anything like this in my life,” Harley told FOX5.

Robbin was out of town when the group surprised her father but she later appeared on the show.

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“He has struggled and he has gone through so much with the kidney transplant and all the doctors and moving him from Arizona to here. Throughout all of that, he was still so strong. And when the air conditioning went out in his car, I just thought that I have to do something to help him,” she added to FOX5.

When asked for advice, the single dad says that you should always put family, especially the children, above anything else. It just goes to show that being selfless can lead to unlimited rewards.


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be selfless

“It is under the greatest adversity that there exists the greatest potential for doing good, both for oneself and others.” – Dalai Lama.

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