Florida Man Has Given Away $13K to Strangers Since 2014 at Waffle House

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Kevin Cate was at a Waffle House in Midway, Florida, when a stranger caught his eye.

The man was organizing dollar bills and little notes at his booth in the restaurant. When Cate approached him to ask what he was doing, the man explained that he was handing out $1s and $5s to strangers, a practice he has been doing since 2014.

“He said he’s given away more than $13,000 to strangers, kids, and people he meets at Waffle House (his favorite) and elsewhere,” Cate said.

Why an Elderly Man Has Given Away $13K to Strangers at Waffle House

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The notes he passes out along with the money say “love everybody,” the last words of his late mother. Instead of her last words being “I love you,” she said “love everybody,” which is just what the man is doing.

Cate posted about the event on Twitter, and his tweets went viral, garnering more than 10,000 likes. “While he was alone, clearly his mom’s love is still with him and now all of us,” Cate wrote.

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The replies were filled with people sharing their own stories of generosity in the world.

“One of the best people I know carries grocery gift cards to give anyone who looks like they could use one,” one commenter shared. “She talks to, and often prays with, people she sees struggling. Might just be a ‘have a good day sir’ or ‘are you okay today?’ And I know, her prayers work.”

How One Man Proved the Importance of Loving Everybody

Many viewers have been grateful that the doom and gloom so often reported was interrupted, even just momentarily, by something sweet.

“Wow you have no idea how much I needed to read this,” said one person. “So much time spent doom scrolling on Twitter and feeling so sad and helpless about life. I forget the joy I have felt from helping those in need. This is what I need to be putting my energy into, spreading love and kindness.”

It is easy to overlook the good in the world when so often all that gets reported is the bad, but it’s important to remember how much kindness there is. Make sure to spread stories about the generosity in the world, which can inspire others and yourself to spread kindness, too.


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“The willingness to share does not make one charitable; it makes one free.” – Robert Brault

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