Fancy a UK festival this summer? Five reasons to choose Unearthed

2. Wellbeing and ceremony

“We treat the festival like a ceremony,” Rees says. “We want people to feel safe enough to have open hearts and minds. When people feel safe, they are then open enough to have the sorts of discussions that maybe we don’t have day-to-day, which is particularly important for mental health.”

A new arena is opening in 2022 to help with this. The Temple will be a wellness area, where festival goers can enjoy yoga, tantra, storytelling, tea and cacao ceremonies, and more. One highlight will be 5 Rhythms Dance – a moving meditation practice – with dance teacher Alex Mackay.

Michaela Williams, a trauma expert, will also lead a two-hour guided trance session, a shamanic method of spiritual healing. She loves Unearthed because she says it’s “a celebration of consciousness, human connection, healing, expansion and creativity”.

“It’s just what people need right now as the mental health crisis is at an all time high. It’s the perfect medicine for our times,” she says.

Image: Unearthed Festival 

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