Evaluating the Cost of a Net-Zero Future

Today’s markets are more volatile than ever. The past three years have seen mounting challenges compound on a global scale – from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain disruptions, to fuel shortages, energy security issues, and extreme weather events – raising the stakes within an already complex purchasing environment.

The immediate, massive price surges we’ve seen in recent months are due in part to the supply shortages and sharply rising inflation stemming from recent geopolitical turmoil, however, this is a notable short-term increase that underpins a set of larger trends already in motion. 

Demands of our digital economy coupled with the escalating consequences of our changing climate have created an unprecedented risk landscape. Energy challenges are on the rise and pressure is mounting for our electric system to get cleaner, faster.

This market perspective titled, ‘Evaluating the Cost of a Net-Zero Future’, discusses what utilities face in this critical period of transition and the compounding market forces that have and will continue to impact customer utility rates for the foreseeable future. Download today.

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