Doritos Is Turning Triangle Buildings Into Orange Doritos

Doritos is currently extremely online and turning buildings orange IRL.

The snack company is literally turning buildings into Doritos — because it’s promoting a campaign where participants have a chance to win money.

The brand, which is owned by Frito-Lay North America, a division of PepsiCo, announced a contest and social media campaign Wednesday meant to send people on the hunt for Doritos and triangles, at planned stunts and in their everyday lives. There are weekly potential prizes of $15,000 and a grand price of $250,000. The company is also promoting the competition with brands like Xbox and the VMAs.

There are two sections of the competition, one on TikTok (why the buildings are orange) and one on Snapchat.

Weekly TikTok Challenge

Dorito’s is inviting people to post TikToks of triangles out in the world and trying to inspire posting with weekly “challenges” such as by turning buildings orange.

@doritos Share your best angle of these locations on TikTok with #contest, #DoritosTriangleTracker ♬ original sound – Doritos

For the first challenge, the company lit up the following buildings in orange:

  • West 57th Street in Manhattan, New York
  • Bass Pro Shop in Memphis, Tennesee
  • 101 Marietta in Atlanta, Georgia

So far, there is some creative dancing:

@smilerbackers Please comment: “

One Entrepreneur staffer captured video of the orange building in New York from a balcony.

Snapchat VR Challenge

The Snapchat contest has a potential $250,000 grand prize. The company said in the release users can use the “Snapchat Triangle Tracker AR Lens” and point it at a triangle in the real world. That gives you a code, which you can enter on this website to try and win merchandise or money.

Major brands of late have been getting into VR/AR, between Chipotle’s metaverse and Domino’s VR “Stranger Things” promotion.

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