Don’t Miss Celestial Show as 5 Planets Align With the Moon for All to See

It’s been a long time coming, but this June stargazers are finally getting the chance to see five planets align in the night skies.

For the rest of the month—look east towards the pre-dawn sky with the naked eye, or even better, with a telescope or binoculars—to see a five-long string of planets. We haven’t seen this such an alignment in the northern hemisphere for eighteen years, since December 2004.

So which planets are you gazing up at? That’d be Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn lining up in order of their distance from the Sun. Mercury will look brighter and brighter as the days of the month pass, so if you’re not up for pre-dawn risings just yet—maybe work your way up to getting out of bed while the Sun is still below the horizon?

So precisely when, before dawn, should you be peering skyward? 30 minutes before sunrise is best. Check for the specific time in your area.

The phenomenon can be seen just about across the globe. However, if you’re living at a latitude further north than New York, it will be difficult to spot Mercury before the sun rises. Still, you have four other beautiful planets to check out.

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Stargazers around the world who’ve been keeping an eye on the alignment are in for a extra special sight on June 24: On that morning, the waning crescent moon will be in alignment between Venus and Mars.

Oh, and Mercury will look brighter than it has all month. What a show.

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