Couple Now Gets Daily Visits From Wild Lorikeet Birds That Broke in a Year Ago

By Georgina Brough and Christian Allen via SWNS

Georgina Brough and Christian Allen get daily visits from a group of wild lorikeets—birds that broke in a year ago and now want to hang out constantly.

The new feathered friends first visited the young couple in early 2021.

They flew in through their balcony door hoping to score some lunch at their apartment in Australia.

The birds lived in trees opposite their patio table and the couple often saw them eyeing ‘hopefully’ whenever they would eat lunch—especially grapes—outside.

After leaving their door open one summer morning, the birds saw their opportunity and broke in, which began their daily visits.

Georgina, who is a bartender, and Christian, who is a laborer, said the lorikeets will watch TV with them, sit on their laundry, hang out on their couches—and would probably explore the apartment all day if they were allowed.

“They are super friendly birds,” said Georgina. “We can touch them and hold them, so naturally we love them.”

By Georgina Brough and Christian Allen via SWNS

The couple, who are both 21-years-old, described one downside of their visitors: They are ‘super loud’ and frequently wake up the couple, begging for more grapes.

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However, close bonds have been formed with the birds, who are now a part of their daily lives. They would never want things to change.

“We have named a few and have started to recognize which ones are breeding pairs. They bring over their offspring too, which is amazing.

“We have one called Limpy (because he has one bad leg) who comes over with his ‘wife’ and baby.

”They all have different personalities and qualities that make them unique, so they are easy to recognize.

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Lorikeets with Georgina Brough’s father – SWNS

“They brighten everyone’s day and I love it so much!” gushed Georgina.

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