Chris Evans says goodbye to his old iPhone 6S and its home button

I think most of us here at The Verge can agree that if we were famous celebrities who acted in some of the highest-grossing films of all time, we would always be rocking the latest and greatest tech. That’s apparently not how Chris Evans, star of Lightyear and The Avengers, rolls — on June 23rd, 2022, he posted a message on Twitter and Instagram that he’s finally upgrading his phone: “RIP iPhone 6S,” he said. “We had a good run.”

In his posts, Evan says that he’ll miss the 2015 device’s home button — a photo he posted shows that he’s upgrading what appears to be an iPhone 13 Pro — but not the fact that it was a “nightly battle” trying to get the 6S to charge. (In the comments of Evan’s Instagram post, Hidden Figures and Onward actress Octavia Spencer says that she too just switched to a phone without a home button.) He also mentions that he won’t miss the grainy pictures from the 6S’s 12-megapixel camera — you can see examples of those all over his Instagram page.

To be clear, this post is absolutely not shaming Evans for having an old phone — in fact, I’d argue that the 6S is the best phone that Apple ever made, with its perfect hold-ability, headphone jack, and second-gen Touch ID. I’ve got nothing but respect for Evans for continuing to use it. It was, however, probably time to upgrade; Apple recently announced that the next version of iOS won’t support the 6S, which has kept getting software updates for seven years. Plus, the 6S didn’t have wireless charging, which means that when the Lightning port starts to wear out, you’re straight out of luck.

Thankfully, Evans’ new phone almost certainly does support wireless charging. Maybe he can make this one last even longer.

PS: I find it very funny Evans starred in an Apple TV show in 2020 yet still continued to use the 6S afterward. Ted Lasso star Jason Sudeikis has said that Apple gave him a pair of AirPods Max for free; I’m almost certain Evans could’ve finessed an iPhone XR or SE if he had really wanted to. Talk about loyalty.

PPS: Spoiler alert, but remember that time Chris Evans had to use an Android phone in Knives Out because Apple allegedly wouldn’t let the film’s villain use an iPhone? Hilarious.

Correction June 24th, 1:47PM ET: The original version of this article said that Evans’ post was from June 25th. It was actually from the 23rd. We regret the error.

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