Beautiful Image of International Space Station Passing in Front of Sun Captured in Less Than a Second


The International Space Station (ISS) is seen transiting the Sun in these fascinating images taken from England.

Jamie Cooper captured the spectacle in just one second from his home in Whilton, Northamptonshire.

“On the late morning of 17th June 2022, a pass of the International Space Station in front of the Sun was predicted to be visible from my own home. This was an opportunity not to be missed,” he says.


“I shot the entire transit event, that lasted less than one second, using a high speed ZWO ASI290MM video camera, capturing frames of one millisecond exposure at 80 frames per second.”

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“There’s a very narrow band where you, the space station and Sun are all in a straight line and it’s about three miles wide,” he told the BBC.


“I’d checked the data three days before and it was going to miss my house, I checked the day before and it was going to be over my house, so I was lucky.”

And for the chance to see these fantastic photos, so are we.

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