A first look at Discord on Xbox

It’s finally happening: Discord voice chats are coming to Xbox consoles. Starting today, Xbox Insiders can test this new integration, allowing you to connect to Discord calls from an Xbox One or Xbox Series S / X console. While this isn’t a Discord app for Xbox, you’ll be able to transfer calls from the mobile Discord and Xbox apps to your Xbox console and chat to your friends with your regular Xbox headset.

I’ve been testing the integration today, and it shows up in both Discord mobile and the Xbox dashboard. First, you’ll head into the Parties & chat section of the Xbox dashboard and scan a QR code on your phone. This will open up the Discord mobile app, and you’ll then link up your Xbox profile to your Discord profile. Once that’s done, you’ll see a new transfer to Xbox option when you go to join a call on Discord mobile. Hit that, and you’ll be transported into the mobile Xbox app, where it transfers the call to your Xbox console.

Transferring Discord calls requires the Discord and Xbox mobile apps.
Screenshot: Tom Warren / The Verge

It’s a bit of a setup process, but the result is being able to chat to your friends in a Discord call freely straight from your Xbox. It’s great if you’re playing cross-play games like Fortnite, Destiny, Minecraft, and many more.

On the Xbox dashboard itself, Discord calls are neatly integrated into the part of the Xbox dashboard where you normally find the Parties & chats features. In a Discord voice call, you can see all your Discord friends that are currently in the call, adjust volume, and disconnect from a call directly from the Xbox dashboard. The Xbox dashboard will even prompt you to try the new Discord integration if you haven’t set it up before and lead you through the process of connecting up your accounts and bringing calls onto the Xbox.

The Discord integration in the Xbox dashboard is slick.
Screenshot: Tom Warren / The Verge

What you won’t be able to do is text chat, though. There is no support for Discord text channels, as this is strictly for Discord voice calls. Still, many Xbox users have been waiting for years dreaming of joining their friends in Discord calls, and this will certainly help bridge the gap between PC gaming and Xbox even further.

You can try out the new Discord voice calls on Xbox if you’re a member of the Xbox Insiders Alpha or Alpha Skip-Ahead rings today. It will be gradually rolling out to more Xbox testing rings in the coming weeks, followed by a launch for all Xbox owners in the coming months.

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