70% Say They Always Trust Their Instinct, With Physical ‘Gut Feeling’ Used to Make Decisions, Says New Poll

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Forget head over heart. People in Britain firmly believe in gut-first when making decisions, according to a new poll.

A survey of 2,000 adults found that 70 percent say they always trust their instincts with 35 percent experiencing a physical ‘gut feeling’ about situations.

Nearly one in five (17 percent) turn to the feeling in their gut to tell them if something’s wrong when it comes to their health, while 20 percent rely on their intuition to guide them when it comes to trusting a partner.

And 21 percent think their gut will influence their dreams if it’s trying to tell them something.

But when it comes to this part of their actual anatomy, 36 percent are unaware of the gut’s importance to overall wellbeing.

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While 40 percent don’t know the role diet plays in gut health, and despite fiber supporting good gut health, only seven percent know how much they should be eating.

“While there’s a lot we don’t know about the gut, we do know there are trillions of bacteria (our gut microbiota) living in it,” said NHS doctor and registered nutritionist, Dr. Joshua Wolrich, who is working with California Almonds, which commissioned the survey carried out by OnePoll.

We also know that eating a healthy diet that includes fiber, drinking enough water, and quality sleep are among the ways you can improve your gut health, which can stave off a variety of disease.

But the benefits of ‘gut feelings’ can reward your life only when you listen to that inner wisdom, rather than ignoring it.

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