4 Passive Income Investment Strategies That’ll Free Your Time and Peace of Mind

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The expanding global economy, rapidly evolving tech industry, cryptocurrency and NFTs, are broadening the investment arena and opportunities.

I recently sat down with Eric Francom, whose name literally means “Free Man,” I realized some brilliant strategies to achieve high returns on short-term investments I hadn’t considered.

Eric graduated from dental school with a high debt load only to take on more to open his practice. He woke up every morning and vomited. Ridden with anxiety, his practice was barely thriving and he was struggling to achieve his financial goals.

So he made some swift changes.

First, he boosted his practices’ profits by finding hidden income options, streamlining processes and expanding. Then he sold the practice at its peak. Two years and a few investments later, he’d quadrupled his net worth. Here’s what the man taught me…

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1. Fast returns reduce risk

Invest in deals with a high potential for large returns in short periods of time. Case in point: Eric invested $100k on a deal with the potential to earn $200k to $1 Million within three years. That’s 4x to 10x the returns delivered as an interest payment of $2,000+ a month. This type of move is de-risked by the short time frame and quick realization of high returns.

2. Invest in the jockey, not the horse

Bet on cryptocurrency backed by a reputable and established company. Do your research. It’s essential that the companies backing the crypto have a proven track record of success, making it more likely that your investment will succeed as well.

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3. Diversify in non-correlated industries

Invest cash or consult value, with the potential for high returns and the potential to acquire shares or cash out from an exit with growing tech companies.

Look for companies with a lot of liquidity, low overhead costs and low debt obligations. Lower risks means bigger returns on your investment.

Other opportunities can help mitigate taxes by one to two times, plus pay dividends, when you invest in certain real estate deals. The depreciation is accelerated and you can earn a $1.75 reduction for every dollar invested in the first year. This kind of opportunity can help you save money, instead of losing it to taxes and potentially even make more.

4. Freedom is better than money

Whether you are negotiating an investment deal or preparing to sell your business, terms matter the most.

Each has three core components: They are de-risked because they have short time frames, substantial return guarantees and are made with trusted companies.

The short-term nature of these opportunities can help you secure passive income streams and increase your net worth quickly.

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