15 Unbreakable Rules of Driving Etiquette, According to Lifehacker Readers

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I hate trucks. I’m easily scared and easily irritated. However, I understand that trucks and tractor trailers deserve the right of way for a whole host of reasons:

“Basic rule: Having the right of way doesn’t make you any less dead when you get hit by a truck. Applies to pedestrians, train crossing, big rigs, etc. Personally, I give them a wide berth and will not drive next to one given a choice. As a group, they are very good drivers, but if something goes wrong, it goes wrong big. If you’re merging in front of them, use your signal for several seconds *before* you turn. The good ones flash their lights to let you know they see you.” —GregR

“Tractor trailers have the right of way. Always. Give them room. Don’t lane change into their blind-spot. Let them merge whenever they need to. Everything you’ve ever touched, consumed or interacted with was on a truck at some point. Give them all the respect they deserve.”—KazarSoze

“…understand that their blind spot includes a good 30-40 feet immediately in front of the tractor. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve witnessed idiots cut into that space in an attempt to reach an exit ramp from the left lanes. I have a lot more sympathy for truck drivers who hit cars due to the car drivers’ unpredictable, piss-poor driving than I do for the idiots operating those cars. Bet against immutable laws of physics and you’ll always lose, kids.” —Dead Elvis, Inc.

“I give an eighteen wheeler respect for the same reason I’d give a brown bear respect: it could easily kill me.” —JRHaggs

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